10 Fun Facts About Lobsters and One Dull One

10 Fun Facts About Lobsters and One Dull One

Homarus americanus, the American Lobster, is one of our favorite crustaceans.  However, most people know very little about them – beyond the boiling pot and the melted butter on the dinner table. Therefore, we wanted to share with you some interesting facts about this curious “bug”:

1. They navigate by smell, taste with their feet, listen with their legs.

2.  Their “brains” are in their throats, and their teeth are in their stomachs.

3. They will eat each other in a pinch.

4. They shed their skeletons.

5. They can “throw a claw”, meaning discharge it from their body and grow a brand new one.

6. Females can carry around and then release thousands of eggs.

7. Out of 10, 000 eggs laid it is estimated that only 10 will survive to maturity.

8. Their weight x 4 plus 3 is their approximate age. That makes the bugger in the photo of me about 63 years old.

9. They come in every color but red; except when they are cooked, then they are all red!

10. Long before they were a delicacy lobsters were fed to prisoners and servants.  The law limited the number of days lobster could be fed to prisoners before it became abuse.

11. A female is a “hen”. A male is “cock”, a little guy is a “chicken”, a “pistol” has no claws, and a “cull” has just one.

Please let us know which fact is the dull one, or add a fun fact of your own.

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