Brenda Berry is a long time photographer who has been employed in a variety of professional positions focusing on environmental portraiture, outdoor and nature photography. She comes to photography from an educational background in science and the visual arts. Brenda holds a MFA from the University of California at San Diego. She is an enthusiastic teacher who has taught everything from preschool to graduate level lighting design courses. Before dedicating herself to photography, she worked as a professional lighting designer, creating the lighting for theater, opera, dance and entertainment productions.

This background has given Brenda a broad, yet detailed perspective on the art of taking pictures and has enabled her to teach and interact with all levels of photographers. She takes special pride in helping those students intimidated by the technology of digital photography to overcome their anxiety and learn to capture and express their creative vision.

Brenda’s work has been selected for juried exhibitions and solo shows. Along with her frequent collaborator David Middleton, she has completed The Lobstering Life,a book focused on the lives of the lobstermen and women of the gulf of Maine, as well as contributing images to the book, Maine Memories. Brenda has traveled in East Africa from Northern Uganda, to the Usambara Mountains – collecting images for a non-profit near and dear to her heart, called New Course. Her specialty is environmental portraiture, and the goal of her work is to share the stories of overlooked people and threatened environments world wide.  Brenda has been involved in teaching workshops from Vancouver to Maine and has traveled, explored and photographed extensively in the Pacific Northwest. She is known for her friendliness, quick wit and her contagious enthusiasm; you will never forget your time spent with Brenda.

Brenda lives on an island in Puget Sound where she indulges a lifelong love of spending time outdoors and as far from the shopping mall as possible. In her spare time, Brenda coaches soccer, and spends time with her three children, husband, horse, cat, bird, fish and black lab, Lily.

Brenda and David, Ometepe Nicaragua

Brenda and David, Ometepe Nicaragua