Bob and Becca

Bob and Becca

I had the honor last week of taking a series of portraits for dear friends, one of whom you can tell is very pregnant! I am so excited for them. They have no idea what that “outie” is going to do to their lives. Do any of us? There will be sleepless nights, lots of vomit and poop the color of mustard. There will be skinned knees, lost teeth and more sleepless nights as that bump learns to drive. There will be tears of joy and frustration and pride.

Before Bob and Becca know how to properly install a car seat, get gum out of hair, or do new math, they will be dropping that baby off at college.  They will barely get the smashed goldfish crackers out from the cracks in the sofa, they will barely get back into their jeans, jeans that will never fit the same – so just let that go – and they will no longer be the central characters in the drama of their lives.

Holding that squirmy huge alien inhabited belly, you have no idea how much the love of that child will change you, mold you; challenge you. Your heart will ache in places that do not even exist until you hear the first cry of your baby, your child. Yours. Becca and Bob, you are sitting poised and breathless at the top of the roller coaster drop-off a life time – enjoy the ride.  Thanks for letting me in.


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