Color! by Walter

Color! by Walter

Ok, now this is what I am talking about!

This is purposeful use of color to the extreme. ┬áThe photograph becomes something else. This is the vision of the creator. This is certainly NOT what was recorded on Walter’s memory card – or if it is – I want to know where I get one of those and is it legal to drive while using it?

Thanks Walter – for the share, the continued inspiration, amusement and horrification.


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    Walter Duvall
    April 29, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    I’ve been reading your blog, your words have not gone on “deaf ears”. I can’t agree more about photography. When I snap the shutter I generally already conceptually know how I will manipulate the image in post processing. Regarding the above image, I was with a group of people heading to lunch and we all walked past that scene. It didn’t look like that on the surface, but instantly I knew beneath the dull colors and rust was vibrance and luster. Midway through lunch my brain kept nagging me to record that scene, so I left and took the picture. Now when I print this on metal, the picture will really “pop”. But alas, as I mentioned to you earlier this month, I grew up idealizing Ansel Adams. I had a makeshift darkroom and processed my film and printed my pictures. I had a shot to attend a workshop with him but didn’t go and regret it to this day. I don’t feel I have developed that sense of knowing when I’m in the presence of a B&W scene, but not abandoning the color of this world, I haven’t given up to feel B&W presence and capture it’s elusiveness. P.S. Maybe you should offer a B&W workshop.

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