Fall Color Fantasyland.

Fall Color Fantasyland.

For the last five years or so I have taught a fall workshop in Maine. We always hope for good color and do our darndest (yes, that is a local word) to time the workshop with the peak of fall color. However, as anyone can tell you the seasons are no longer predictable and what the weather will bring is anyone’s good guess. Last year, what the weather gods brought us was no treat, but a trick… days and days of hard rain. This year the weather gods took pity on us and we had lovely days and splashes of color everywhere. Lots and lots of reds, rich burgundy….. on the leaves not in the glasses! And of course, my favorite color – blue – was provided once again with panache┬áby Dave at Jordan’s diner. Best blueberry pancakes anywhere always served with a smile, even if you are not a Patriots fan, but it’s best to tone that down – after all they are fixing your food. Can’t wait for next year, no place like Maine in the fall. Click your heels three times and repeat, “there’s no place like Maine, there’s no place like Maine, there’s no place like Maine…”



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