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Congrats Crossroads Class of 2015!

Congrats Crossroads Class of 2015!

Congratulations to the very first ever group of Crossroads at Santa Fe Workshops participants! You were a great group to work with and your work was stellar. Both David and I thought that given the conditions you guys did an amazing job. Our partners the Audubon Society and the New Mexico Nature Conservancy were really pleased with the quality of images we were able to donate, and we hope you are all very proud of the personal contribution you made to these good causes.

So here is a “shout out” – wait, do people still say “shout out”? For lack of a better term, here is a shout out to our first of many adventurers on the Crossroads where philanthropy and photography meet. Enjoy the gallery of some of our shots below. Hope to see all of you again, and hope that this experience will propel you into a project wherever your life finds you.

Some of you I will see in Sitka, so until then keep shooting and looking for buckets to fill!

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