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Death Valley

I just got back from a great trip to Death Valley. It was so nice to dry the moss off my shoes and wake up in a landscape that couldn’t be more different from the Pacific Northwest in winter. The highlight of the trip was playing in the sand dunes outside of town – if you can call 2 hotels, a couple of restaurants and a gas station “town”!  In order to capture the nice soft light before dawn we hiked out in the dark trying to figure out the best spots to photograph the dunes. Heading out in the wee hours is well worth it as the time before and after dawn are absolutely magical. Furthermore, I really wanted to have my shot figured out so I could catch the very first rays of light as they caressed the tops of the dunes.  In the desert you have to find your shot and be ready to shoot just as soon as the light comes up.  The desert get sun gets bright quickly and the light is pretty for only a short time before becoming too harsh.  Once the light was too high for photographing big scenics we had lots of fun finding details to photograph – lines, patterns and animal tracks.  I hope you enjoy these images half as much as I enjoyed peeling off my shoes and walking in the soft warm sand!

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