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Fall Nearly Here – Maine, 2014

Fall Nearly Here - Maine, 2014

There is still time in 2014 to catch a workshop with me, Brenda Berry, and David Middleton – the Click and Clack of photo instructors – according to one pal of ours. (You know who you are!) I would rather be Ginger and Fred, but I am told that David can’t dance and I most certainly don’t wear heels. ┬áNeither will you, if you come to Maine and the Acadia National Park with us. Hiking boots, trail shoes and vibrum soles encouraged. Polar fleece and polarizers are what you will be sporting. There is more info under my workshops tab, or you can pop on over to the Santa Fe Workshops Site to register.

I have been going to Maine for the past five or six years, and David has been going for the past fifty or sixty, so we know where some really beautiful spots are. We spend most of our time in the Park, but we also take you down to Bass and Tremont Harbors for some great shots of lobster boats and gear.

I am told the workshop is selling well, so if you have a hankering for fall color, a workshop with Brenda and David, or the best blueberry pancakes anywhere, get in touch asap. ┬áIf you can’t join the fun, be sure you dust off your camera and enjoy the cooler days and colors of fall.


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