Gone to the Mountain Top

Gone to the Mountain Top

Sorry for the long radio silence. Seems like there is often so much to write about, and no time to do it, or nothing much to say – hard to believe from me, right?

This past week I have been running around scouting for a new workshop to be held in Sitka Alaska next August. Sitka lives up to its reputation and more! There are more great hikes, streams, forests, and waterfalls than you can imagine and all starting from a few miles from town or in town. There are also salmon fish, fishers of salmon, eaters of salmon – human and ursine. There is a great pub, a place with organic super-duper smoothies and buckwheat crepes. Sitka has its own independent bookstore (YEAH!!!!), and places to buy “Sitka sneakers” – brown rubber knee-high boots. I am smitten with Sitka.

I will tell you more about it later, and some day I may share with you all the crazy nuts and bolts of putting together a new workshop. If you are really nice I will tell you how to ride a bike with your camera gear and tri-pod on the back…

For now I will share a couple of quick pics so you know I am alive in the world, once again happily haunting harbors, forests, and last night heading up to the top of Harbor Mountain for one heck of a sunset.

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