Happy 2013, and “On- On” into 2014

Happy 2013, and

Hope all of you are enjoying or surviving the holidays – sometimes it is truly a bit of each, right?  For some people this is a really hard time of year, and for others they love the down time, the time spent with friends and family, the chocolate santas and latkes of the season. I alway take a few minutes on the solstice and celebrate the fact that the days will now finally begin to grow in length!

Inevitably, I reflect on what came to pass in the year gone by, and what I hope for in the year ahead. For those of you unfamiliar with the Hash House Harriers, let’s just say they are a crazy bunch of drinkers with a running problem and they will run anywhere, lost, dark, on trail and off. When you run with them (an experience you’ll never forget), the group is always looking for confirmation that they are on the right trail. When they find that evidence, they yell to the group, “On-On!”, meaning – let’s go we are on the path – for the moment at least. Don’t know where the path is going, or when it will end, but keep going, on-on is the only choice – other than quit and stay lost.

2013 was often like that for me. I had personal challenges, most notably the passing away of my dad, and professional ones as well – all along the, what-the-heck-is-next line of thinking. I’m 52, life is suddenly finite in a way it never has been before. Projects seem to start, sputter, fade and start again. The trail was often lost to me, but I just needed to go on. Life really leaves no other choice does it? Stop and stay frozen in place, or move forward as best you can. For me, it’s not the starting that is hard, it’s the slogging through the moments of self-doubt and feeling lost, and those moments always come midway in any creative endeavor.  You get excited, you start, you encounter an obstacle, you over-come, yeah – its all good, then another obstacle, then another, and you find yourself thinking, crap – where is this headed?

I was pondering these middle of the river notions when I read Steven Pressfield’s recent blog post. I love him. Well, I don’t personally love him, that is hyperbole, but I do in fact love many of the things he has to say. Such as, “put your ass where your heart wants to be”. Think about that. Anyway,  If you don’t know of him, you should. He wrote, The War of Art, Baggar Vance and other good things. His blog is always full of sage advice for creative individuals, not just writers.  So I am going to put a link here for you to all visit as you think about 2014, projects ahead, and where you hope to be. Steven Pressfield’s blog.


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