Hola de Ometepe Nicaragua

Hola de Ometepe Nicaragua

For those of you wondering where I am and what I am doing, I am currently on an adventure in Nicaragua. I am on the Isle de Ometepe, which happens to be the sister Island to Bainbridge. I am here as part of a special needs delegation. One of the goals for the trip was to introduce photography to a group of 12 deaf kids. The kids are amazing young people and super excited to have a camera in their hands for the first time. As expected it is very challenging to try to teach to someone who is deaf, but it really is not that different from teaching “hearing” people who often don’t listen… my teenage kids are much more deaf to my efforts than these kids. I wish I had approached the project differently, but it was really hard to know ahead of time what the logistics would be. I will send more news and photo’s along the way. This is a photo of two brothers – named David and Jonathan. They both have pituitary dwarfism – which if they lived in US would likely be treated with growth hormones. David who is about 7 is the size of an 18 month old. He is shown here with ┬áhis brother Jonathan who is about 14 and a superior young man. Jonathan has been a huge help translating from my horrible Spainish into ISL (Nicaraguan sing language) I am really glad to have met them, and I can honestly say that they have taught me much more than I will ever teach them.

Adios Brenda

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