Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry Up and Wait

You know the saying, “hurry up and wait”? I think we have all heard it at one time or another, however this weekend I learned something more about that saying. I learned that it is very true if you happen to be a team roper waiting for your turn to catch a steer at a rodeo.

If you are a team roper you spend hours getting ready for a competition, and this does not include the years of training. On rodeo day you get your gear packed – ropes, gloves, blankets, tack. Load the horses in the trailer, drive to the rodeo, get unpacked, saddle up, get entered, get warmed up, get ready, get the adrenaline flowing – and then wait. You wait. And then you wait some more.

I am back in Montana this weekend with my friends Jason and Miranda as they continue their quest to become successful team ropers. I took this shot from behind the ropers as they wait for their turn to spend somewhere around 6 seconds roping a steer – if they are lucky.

The years, months, days, and hours of work and preparation all boil down to a few tense seconds that spell success and a pay check –  or failure and a loss of fees, gas, travel, and confidence.

I like this shot because it captures something you rarely see – the behind the scenes waiting at the rodeo. The long wait before the make or break moment. Stay tuned for more news and photos of Jason, Miranda and their team roping saga.

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