Love of Gear Continues!

Love of Gear Continues!

For those of you who were wondering what the heck I have been doing out in Maine, I have to confess I have been having a blast taking pictures of gear. You know, that stuff  I love – buoys, boats, ropes.

I can’t believe that in the process of working on the book, The Lobstering Life, I also get to wander around on docks and in and out of sheds and enjoy the lines, colors and textures of the gear.  You should be thankful that the smell is left out, unless of course, we find a way to make the book a scratch and sniff. Anyway, here are a couple of fun ones from last week.  While David was out looking for snowy harbors, to no avail, I was busy and quite content with my version of photographic lemonade!

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