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Maasai Wilderness

Maasai Wilderness

I know I promised to write more about Ometepe, but before I could get my life under control enough to do so – I was off to Kenya. I know this sounds terribly exciting, and if you are at home thinking, “wow, she has all the fun”, call me and I will tell you about the exhaustion of two international trips in one month and the 37 hours of travel time required to get home from the bush of Kenya to Bainbridge Island. I am not complaining, but I am very very tired and therefore this post will be mercifully short.

I was in Kenya in the Maasai Conservation Trust area, which is located between Tsaavo and Ambroseli National parks. I was there with NewCourse to visit a project we have going with four Maasai women’s groups and Luci lights. Luci lights are small solar lanterns that can be used in place of the traditional kerosene lanterns, and the money normally spent on kersosene can then be put aside for other uses. You would probably be surprised to learn that these women spend about 24% of their monthly household budget on kerosene for light, and not only is it inefficient as light source it also is hard on the eyes and lungs.  So there I was, as far removed from my comfy first-world life as I have ever been, and waaaaay the heck out in the middle of nowhere.  I am still unsure of the day or time, and as I am heading to Sante Fe on Saturday I thought I would get something up for now to let you know I am alive.  Top travel tip? Don’t stop to take a photo on top of a line of ants.  I owe you all stories, and lots of them… from several continents… but such is life. Right now I have a son who needs help with 8th grade math.

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Maasai trying out the new D750

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