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Missing Maine

Missing Maine

Do you ever find yourself missing a place? Usually it’s a place you’ve come to know in some intimate way, a place with layers of memory built up over time.  Right now I find myself simultaneously celebrating the publication of my very first book ever, The Lobstering Life, while missing the Maine Coast and wondering about all the people and places I’ve come to know well over the past year and a half.

This image was made on a cold December day the last time I was lucky enough to wander the shores of the gulf.  But like any place you love, you go back in your mind until you can go back in real time. Lucky for me, I’ll be back in Maine this summer promoting the book, as well as teaching a workshop with David Middleton in Acadia come October.  Come along if you can, I’ll show you some of my very favorite spots, so next year you too can be missing Maine.

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