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Never too Old to Play in the Sand…

Never too Old to Play in the Sand...

As I sit here looking out the window at a grey wet sky, thinking I should go out and run or bike, or do something to work off the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie before the Christmas chocolate santa goes down my gullet, I’m doing what lots of us do really really well – procrastinate!!! Yuk, it’s forty-two degrees and wet outside, so can there possibly be a better time to finally edit some images from Death Valley? Agreed.

Just a few weeks ago I was with a fun group in one of the most wonderful sandboxes in America – north, south or otherwise. I am talkin ’bout the valley of death. The sand dunes of Death Valley National Park. ¬†One of the things I love about playing in sand is that you are never too old to enjoy it. Yes, it fills up your shoes and socks, but there is something fun and magical about the ever shifting shapes. I find I can become mesmerized by the patterns. The longer I look the more I see, and the further into the world of sand I sink. I like letting my eyes feast and wander on the lines and patterns.

Here are a few images from that trip. I converted some of them into black and white to emphasize the shape and line, and there was very little color in the original in any case. Sometimes I find black and white is the cleanest representation of what I enjoyed looking at, that the color becomes a secondary element that detracts from the strongest part of the form. Not always, but for some images I like to strip it down to line, rhythm, and shape. I played around a bit with clarity to see if I liked them smoother or grittier. Remember, when you shoot, you are “collecting data” – then it’s up to you to go home a create the image you want to share.

What I wanted to share is how darn much fun it is to play in the sand!


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