Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

I was taking with a friend yesterday about the things that I most love to photograph. I gave her a an odd answer – “I love to photograph old junk, rusty chains, boats, lobster pots, that sort of thing and people”. Well, I’ve never been accused of foolish consistency!

So, about the “people” part of my love….I am most intrigued by people in their own environment – their homes, places of work or play. I like to catch a glimpse of who they really are and I think this is easiest to do when they are relating to their environment.

A year ago this March I had the chance to take a fantastic trip to Bhutan where this portrait was made. This is a young woman who works with the animals on a small family farm.  I loved the open way she related to the ox, getting down to it’s eye level while gazing at the camera, seemingly completely at ease, and sharing a hint of a smile.

So today, my favorite thing to photograph is people!


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