Prayers for a True Friend

Prayers for a True Friend

Sometimes it takes a major life event, the kind that stops you in your tracks, smacks you upside the head, to make you realize how truly blessed you are. By now many of you have heard about David Middleton and his unfortunate heart attack last Saturday. You can check in with his blog for his evolving feelings on the topic.

I had the unnerving experience of being with David during this ordeal and now that the adrenaline has stopped coursing through my body I am able to realize how lucky and blessed we both were on that day. All the little things that needed to happen, somehow happened. He got great medical care in a timely fashion and is well on his way back to his cranky funny self. (Oh and by the way, those online appeals for chocolate bars should be ignored!)

As for me, I want to thank first and foremost the workshop participants who were with us in Oregon Coast for being so gracious and supportive at such a difficult time.  I also want to thank my friends and family who listened to me relive the experience and question my every decision.  I also have an overwhelming desire to thank David for what he has meant to so many people over the years as a talented photographer, story teller, gifted teacher and loyal friend.

We don’t often stop and tell our friends and loved ones how much they mean to us, so David, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for the being the close friend and supportive mentor you’ve been to me over the years. Thank you for all the lives you’ve touched, and will blessedly continue to touch for years to come.

Like most photographers, David hates to have his photo taken, so I wasn’t sure I even had a photo of him for this post. How fitting is it that the only recent one I have is him standing between prayer flags? May those prayers and blessings continue to surround David and his family in the days, weeks and years to come.

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