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Pretty Pretty Birds with Jeff

Pretty Pretty Birds with Jeff

For those of you who don’t know my friend Jeff Wendorff, ┬álet me introduce you! Not only is he a good friend and a great cook, he is an absolutely spectacular bird photographer. He is the Elvis of bird photography. If you have not been to his website and you like bird and wildlife photography, go have a look right now. Read his recent post about getting some great bird shots in my back yard during the super bowl, where I have managed to get a total of zero keepers!

Not only is Jeff a great bird photographer, he is a great teacher and generous in helping others get great shots as well. The only keepers I do have of birds I took while shooting with Jeff. If you want a Spring destination workshop, I can recommend Texas with Jeff. This Green Jay shot was taken there last year. Visit this link, and go if you can. Send me a few of your keepers – no doubt you will have many.

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