Spring Arrives!

Spring Arrives!

At long last Spring arrives in the Northwest! Really! I don’t like to whine, but I am going to, as I feel I deserve it after this too long and exceedingly wet winter. And hey, I didn’t even mention grey and dark and dreary did I?

This was the winter that would never quite end, but last week I found out that in spite off all the evidence to the contrary, I will, in fact survive another Northwest winter. Why?  Because Commodore Lane is in bloom! Commodore Lane on Bainbridge Island has one of the prettiest stands of cherry trees anywhere – and finally in late March they bloomed in all their cotton candy pink glory. I was not the only car stopping along the road side to ogle the amazing sight.  I swear, people were crying at the sight of those auspicious blossoms. Ok, maybe just I was crying, but it was warranted!

So thank you to all the people of the Commodore neighborhood who had the foresight to plant those glorious cherry trees and long may they live and bloom and bring hope to all the downhearted of the northwest winter. I promise not to stop in traffic again, at least until the holiday lights go up!

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