Workshop Inspiration – Margie’s World

Workshop Inspiration - Margie's World

Do you know one of the very best reasons to take, or for that matter, teach a workshop? Because other people can inspire, amaze or challenge you. It is a joy to check out of your regular life and allow yourself to check in to your creativity. At the Maine Coast workshop we were lucky to have a great group of particiapants, some great photographers, and a woman named Margie Greenberg. Now, I do know that sentence makes it sound like Margie was not necessarily a great person or a great photographer, but that is simply not the case – nor the point of this ramble.

I am bringing Margie to your attention because she is a true Artist. What do I mean by that? I mean that Margie sees the world in her own very unique way; not only sees, but is also able to clearly articulate that vision allowing us to visit her “reality”.  You may be thinking my statement is overly obvious, wondering “um, don’t we all see in our own way”?  Yes! We do all see the world in our own way.  Yes, we all experience and interpret the world through our own filters and yes we all express ourselves in a unique manner. However, what an Artist is able to do, whether in music or dance, paint or photography, is to allow you to connect with their inner experience. Human creatures like to connect; in fact, we crave it. We like to be moved and we desire to feel something. We love a surprise and we liked being yanked out of our own heads and creative ruts and mundane expectations. Sometimes it makes us uncomfortable but neverthesless, deep down we like it!  Ok, ok, Margie’s whimsical yet dark interpretation of reality did disturb David a little but he is easily disturbed when not clutching dark chocolate or a bottle of red wine. Being a-bubble-off-level myself, I was delighted by the way Margie views the world thru her pink rimmed glasses. Hay House Sadie and Twin

That is why I felt compelled to share these images and write about Margie’s work – it reminded me of these important ideas and her simultaneously delightful and disturbing work made me look, not twice, but three or more times. There is a classic fairytale quality to the images; a celebration of the insouciant nature of childhood but infused with anxiety in an out-of-kilter-out-of-scale-world.  I like the angst, the playful yet dark feel of the images. I don’t know exactly why, but I keep looking at these images, and exploring this imaginary world and wondering about that child.

That is part of the reward of taking or teaching a workshop. You are exposed to all sorts of interpretations and visions. We all have had that experience where we sit down to review shots from the day and think, “Wow, where was that?” or “Heck, I never saw that!” Am I right, or am I right?  Well, the truth is, with Margie’s work –  you really never did see that – unless you were having an acid flashback or a very strange dream.

I want to publically applaud Ms. Greenberg for using her photography as a tool to create her own unique works of art. You can see that the images she takes with the camera are the raw material that she uses to construct a complete and entirely new world. I think we can all learn something from each other and this is a great example that reminds each of us that we make the final work of art. It’s your vision. Create for yourself, venture off the well-worn path now and again. I can hear David saying, “Brenda….Margie has no idea where the path even is….” – and he means that in the nicest way possible!

BTW, Margie gave me express permission to share her images and talk about her in public. Thank You MG and if you ever meet a guy named Walt Duvall, please do not talk to him! The world is not ready ……

Margie's version of Maine Coast

Margie’s version of Maine Coast

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