Workshop News

Workshop News 2016

Workshop News 2016

Yep, 2016 is now underway. If you are anything like me you are glad to have the holidays behind you and start digging into whatever projects and adventures the new year brings. Not that I do not cherish every moment of time with my family, especially a five hundred mile drive with my teens and mom in tow, and it’s NOT that I don’t appreciate all the good food and good cheer, and I DID love seeing Glacier National Park in winter, it’s just that my brain is happier with less chaos and well… work. Balance, looking for balance I guess.  The best part of all is that my “work” is also my passion.  Not only do I relish visual storytelling, I also love teaching photography and encouraging others to take the time to nurture their creativity. I miss you guys!!!

So, this year I have some favorite workshops to offer for those who may have missed out in the past, as well as a couple new offerings. March will see me back in Santa Fe with Crossroads Workshops at the Santa Fe Workshops campus. There may be one or two spots left, so if you are interested please get in touch with Santa Fe Workshops right away. 

April I will be exploring Oregon wildflowers and waterfalls with my pal and pro photographer Jeff Wendorff. This is a private workshop so if you are interested in attending let me or Jeff know and we will fill you in on how to enroll.

Hook and Loops

Hook and Loops

May finds me back up in Tofino on Vancouver Island! A perennial favorite. Last year I went up alone to do some shooting, but this year I am going up with David Middleton and Santa Fe Workshops. There are 6 spots left on this workshop.

August we head back to Sitka to continue shooting for the Sitka Conservation Society. This is a special workshop offered thru Crossroads Workshops. Last year was a blast and we got great shots. Check out the Crossroads website for a gallery of images.

September I am off on a personal photographic adventure to no less than Papua New Guinea. Yes, that far far away place, where I will be shooting for the non-profit New Course.

October of 2016 it is back to Jordan’s Diner in Bar Harbor Maine for blueberry pancakes!!! There is also an added event called, “photography in Acadia National Park” as well as the chance to wander Maine harbors. This photography business will take place daily but only after we have breakfast at Jordon’s. This workshop will be offered thru Santa Fe Photographic Workshops._DSC6943

Looks to be a full and very exciting year. If you are interested in joining me on any of these adventures or want to learn more, send me an email at:

Hope you guys are well and ringing in the New Year in style and trying not to get too caught up in politics. Hard to do, but think photography, you will feel much better! Send me news of your adventures along the way, and for gosh sake don’t forget to check your histogram. Never start a new year without being totally sure that your histogram is alive and well.


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