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You Really Won’t Believe He was Here – Death Valley

You Really Won't Believe He was Here - Death Valley

I’m in Death Valley this week with David Middleton teaching a photo workshop. Many of you know and love David, but you also know that he is an absolute curse for sunsets. No-one knows how or why this is true, but there are legions who will attest to this fact – so many sunsets showing great promise have vanished into a bank of dense cloud, dashing all photographer hopes and dreams.  I have been going on workshops a few times a year with David for over ten years, and I’ve seen exactly two, yes count them, two beautiful sunsets. Unfortunately, one was when he was in the hospital, and the other was an evening so cloudy, windy, cold and miserable I suggested we just tell everyone it was, “going to suck”, and they should go back to the hotel like sane people.

And then there was tonight in Death Valley. The curse lifted and we were treated to a glorious, and I do mean that in the biblical sense, glorious sunset. The color was so vivid it seemed unreal; the clouds were painted on by a master hand. So, here’s to celebrating life at the end of the day from none other than Dante’s Point in the valley of Death.

Dante's Point sunset

Dante’s Point sunset

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